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ELE TORI Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel




Welcome to the website of ELE TORI Rhodesian Ridgeback kennel - an unique and amazing dog breed originating from Africa, forever entered to our family life!

The kennel name "ELE TORI" was conbined out of the following names: my name, ELENA, and out of names of my two ridgeback girls, TONGA and ZURI.

It was not just random choice that our Rhodesian Ridgebacks appeared in our home. One day we saw a picture of these beautiful dogs and, being conquered with their brilliant appearance and magnetic expression, we had been learning information about this breed - reading the literature, contacting to several long term breeders of Rhodesian Ridgebacks, communicating to Ridgebacks owners personally and on forums, watching many videos.

As a result, our first Rhodesian Ridgeback female, our beauty Zuri (Beatris Kapriz), appeared in our home in 2006 at the age of 4.5 months old, and we got our second girl, our 2 months old baby Tonga (Aresvuma Jalisa Jali), in 2007.

Our two favorite girls, such a different personalities, became not only members of our family but also a very close friends complementing each other: an elegant, reserved, full of pride and true aristocrat Zuri and a very active, cheerful, affectionate sweety Tonga. In addition, Rhodesian Ridgebacks became the best friends to our two American Cocker Spaniels.

Zuri and Tonga became our foundation females and we are strive to breeding healthy, sociable dogs with stable temperament. In our breeding program we pay a lot of attention not only exterior of dogs, but also to the beautiful friendly personality and strong nerve system.

In the sections "Our plans" and "Puppies" you can find information about our breeding plans and available puppies.

We are very pleased to support every contacts to the owners of our puppies and are always ready to give any help and advice regarding dog rearing, feeding, training or showing or just to discuss any points about this wonderful breed or to cooperate for a dog walking.

We'll be happy if Rhodesian Ridgeback fans and friends became much more in our home!


Elena and Igor Babiy

"In love with Ridgebacks once and for all."